• DRRNordic complies with the law of purchase, with the exception of battery.
  • DRR Nordic guarantees that the battery will hold at least 70% capacity for up to 5 years/8,000 km. The warranty requires charging in accordance with the ATV instruction book and with original charging equipment.
  • In case of suspected damage covered by warranty, the first step should be to contact DRR Nordic. Together we will consider sending parts to you for replacement, otherwise it must be sent to us for troubleshooting and diagnosis. The technician can determine whether the repair will be covered by the warranty.
  • The factory warranty does not cover transport to and from the dealer. It is the owner's responsibility.
  • If a fault or failure of a part is not considered to be due to faults on the part of the manufacturer, it is possible that the repair will not be covered by the warranty.
  • ATV should be protected from the elements when not in use. Refer to the chapter "Storage" in the User's Guide for information on how to store your vehicle when not in use.